Coffee Beans of Wisdom – しゃべる 勇気 Speaking Confidence

Coffee Beans of Wisdom

When I first moved to Japan, I knew very little Japanese. At first, I was very shy about speaking Japanese, and didn’t try to use it. I was embarrassed every time. After about one month, however, I realized that I had to try more if I wanted to learn. I told myself, “Who cares if people laugh at you or can’t understand you? Just try and do it!” After that,


I spoke whatever Japanese I knew, copied what other people said, and tried hard to communicate. Some people looked at me blankly, some people tried to understand, some people never understood, some friends laughed and corrected me, and I made many, many mistakes. But I learned! And you can, too! Living in another country is the best way to learn a foreign language. Take the chance and speak as much as you can! You can do it!