Cool America- アメリカでの家族写真 : Family Portraits in America

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family-portraitIn Japan, the only semi-professional family photos are usually taken for children’s school graduation.  However, in America, families take group pictures much more often, sometimes every year.  They go up in our house or in the church directory or are send to relatives on holiday cards.  I think the main reason is because…


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Kuri-chan English – 秋のアクティビティーと語彙 : Fall Activities and Vocab

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basketapplesFall season is here!  What a great time of the year to enjoy the changing seasons, beautiful colors, and seasonal foods.  There are several vocabulary and phrases important for this time of year that you should learn: apple picking, leaf raking, autumnal equinox, and fall foliage.  Let me explain them in a little more detail and how to avoid common Japanese mistakes.
秋になりました!季節の変わり目や綺麗な色の変化、季節の食べ物を楽しめる絶好な時期です。この時期に知っておきたい大切な語彙やフレーズがあります:apple picking(リンゴ狩り)、 leaf raking(枯葉集め)、 autumnal equinox(秋分)、そして fall foliage(紅葉)これらのことをもう少し詳しく説明し、よくする失敗を回避する方法を教えましょう。
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Cool America – 小さな町のフェスティバル : Small-Town Festivals

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cornbreadsigncroppedAs in Japan, many towns boast annual festivals that local residents and visitors can enjoy.  In America, these festivals might promote a theme, item or food that is well-known in that area, for example cherries, tulips, jazz, etc.  Here are some tips on how to find and enjoy them.
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Cool America – 大人向けのぬりえ : Coloring Books for Adults!

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7-adult-coloring-bookIf you haven’t noticed yet, there are now coloring books for grown-ups in American stores. Have you seen it yet? It’s the new fad to help adults relax with coloring, but without the childish stigma. The main theme is patterns, available in a variety of shapes including animals, scenic views, nature and people. The patterned style offers a more intricate and detailed coloring experience.
大人向けのぬりえ本がアメリカのお店にあるのをご存知でしょうか?見たことがありますか? これは大人が色を塗ってリラックする最近の流行りで、子供っぽいと思われることはありません。動物の形や、素晴らし景色、自然や人々などをパターン化したもので、より複雑で詳細な塗り絵になっています。 … Read more

Cool America – 絵文字 : Emoji

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emojiThe cell phone app LINE is very popular with Japanese ladies. You are all probably writing messages in Japanese, but maybe you would like to understand and use the acronyms and English phrases that are found on the emojis. Here are the meanings of the most common ones used in the LINE app.
ケータイアプリのLINEは日本人女性の間でとても人気ですね。ほとんどの場合は日本語でメッセージを書くと思いますが、絵文字に含まれてる英語の頭文字を使った言葉やフレーズの意味を知ってみたいと思いませんか? LINEアプリでよく使われるものをご紹介します。

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Kuri-chan English – 嬉しい! : Happy!

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happy friday

Let’s talk about the word, HAPPY. For ‘ureshii,’ you can say, “I’m happy to hear that” or “That makes me happy.” (Sorry, there is no one-word option.) If you’re really excited, you can say, “I’m so happy!”

Another common usage is “Happy birthday” or “Happy new year.” But did you know that you can also say it for new events or even just for regular days? Happy Monday! Happy November! Happy first day of school! Happy last day of school! Happy first snow day! Be creative! Have fun with it!
その他によく使う言葉として「お誕生日おめでとう」や「あけましておめでとう」があります。新しいイベントや普通の日々に対しても”Happy”を使えるのを知っていますか?Happy Monday! やHappy November! 、Happy first day of school! 、 Happy last day of school! そして Happy first snow day! など自分で言葉を作って楽しんでみましょう!

Cool America – 恩送り: Paying it Forward

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pay it forward

Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and the cashier told you that someone else had paid for your coffee? It happened to me only once but I knew what had happened and what to do. Somebody was “paying it forward” and it was up to me to continue the chain. I paid for the person behind me.
コーヒーショップへ行き、レジの人があなたのコーヒー代は誰かが払ってくれましたと言われた事はありますか?私は1回だけ経験があり、それが何でどうすればいいのかを知っていました。誰かが“paying it forward”(恩送り)をしてくれて、そしてそれを継いでいくのは自分次第でした。私は自分の後ろの人の代金を払ってあげました。

“Paying it forward” is …
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Cool America : 子ども用のナショナルパークパスポート – National Park Passports for Children

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passportIf you and your family are planning on visiting national parks during your stay in the United States, you should purchase a Passport to Your National Parks booklet. This includes a list of all the national park areas in the USA, along with maps, pictures, and more. The fun part is that when you visit a national park, your child can get a park stamp in this booklet (like a passport) to show that he visited it.
もしアメリカ滞在中にご家族でナショナルパーク(国立公園)へ行く予定ならPassport to Your National Parksというパスポートを購入しましょう。これには全米にある全てのナショナルパークのリストや地図、写真などが載っています。ナショナルパークへ行った時には、そこの専用スタンプをパスポートに押せるので(本物のパスポートみたいに)、そこへ行った証拠にもなるし楽しいですね。

If you’d like more information for your child to read during the trip, you can also purchase the Kids Passport to Your National Parks® Companion, which has more park information along with Junior Ranger activities and info.
You can purchase both booklets here . Although you can probably purchase them at the national park stores, I recommend purchasing them in advance.
旅行中、お子さんにもっと詳しい情報を集めさせたいならKids Passport to Your National Parks® Companionというパスポートを購入しましょう。これにはジュニア レンジャー アクティビティーを含むたくさんの情報が載っています。

Safe travels, and may you receive many stamps!


Cool America – ステートフェア : State Fairs

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logoState Fairs are awesome! As a child, I ALWAYS went to our State Fair in the summer. It was tradition. We always ate the same foods, rode the same rides, and looked at the same competitions and shows. It was always a day-long affair and we always came home happy and tired.

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Mom’s Apron Strings: 州ゲーム – State Game

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scrambled-states-of-america-gameDuring my ESL tutor lessons for children, we sometimes play a fun learning game called the Scrambled States of America Game. It helps the children to learn about the 50 states of America with funny pictures, interesting questions and a little competition to make them learn quickly. You can buy this game online, but also…
ESLの家庭教師として子供たちに英語を教えている間、Scrambled States of America Game という楽しく学べるゲームを時々します。アメリカの50州について面白い絵や興味深い問題、そして少し競争しながら遊ぶので早く学ぶことができます。オンラインでも購入できますが、

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