Cool America – 大人向けのぬりえ : Coloring Books for Adults!

Cool America, Mom's Apron Strings

7-adult-coloring-bookIf you haven’t noticed yet, there are now coloring books for grown-ups in American stores. Have you seen it yet? It’s the new fad to help adults relax with coloring, but without the childish stigma. The main theme is patterns, available in a variety of shapes including animals, scenic views, nature and people. The patterned style offers a more intricate and detailed coloring experience.
大人向けのぬりえ本がアメリカのお店にあるのをご存知でしょうか?見たことがありますか? これは大人が色を塗ってリラックする最近の流行りで、子供っぽいと思われることはありません。動物の形や、素晴らし景色、自然や人々などをパターン化したもので、より複雑で詳細な塗り絵になっています。

Although it might not be a hobby that Japanese ladies will take up in groups (like sewing or tole painting), it is a great way to help relax the mind in your free time. You can find them in any grocery or big-box store (Target, Walmart, etc.) right now in the magazine section. Give it a try!
日本人女性が集まって作る(裁縫やトールペイントなど)クラフトにはならないかもしれませんが、空いた時間に心をリラックスできる最適な方法です。スーパーマーケットやTarget、 Walmartなどの大型店舗の雑誌コーナーに売っています。是非試してみてください!

Maybe give it as a simple and fun American omiyage or going-away present, since some of them have inspirational messages in English. Or perhaps it can be a present for your child’s teacher. Or finally you can color in peace with your child. The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!