Kuri-chan English – 嬉しい! : Happy!

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happy friday

Let’s talk about the word, HAPPY. For ‘ureshii,’ you can say, “I’m happy to hear that” or “That makes me happy.” (Sorry, there is no one-word option.) If you’re really excited, you can say, “I’m so happy!”

Another common usage is “Happy birthday” or “Happy new year.” But did you know that you can also say it for new events or even just for regular days? Happy Monday! Happy November! Happy first day of school! Happy last day of school! Happy first snow day! Be creative! Have fun with it!
その他によく使う言葉として「お誕生日おめでとう」や「あけましておめでとう」があります。新しいイベントや普通の日々に対しても”Happy”を使えるのを知っていますか?Happy Monday! やHappy November! 、Happy first day of school! 、 Happy last day of school! そして Happy first snow day! など自分で言葉を作って楽しんでみましょう!