Cool America – ステートフェア : State Fairs

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logoState Fairs are awesome! As a child, I ALWAYS went to our State Fair in the summer. It was tradition. We always ate the same foods, rode the same rides, and looked at the same competitions and shows. It was always a day-long affair and we always came home happy and tired.

The nice thing about State Fairs is that it involves local people, winners of agricultural competitions in county fairs. Anyone, even children, can show off their skills through pigs, sheep, plants, quilts and much more, with ribbons given out to the best! Of course there are many things to buy, music concerts and rodeo shows to see, fair food to eat (Elephant Ears and Cow Chips) and tons of rides and games to enjoy.

Recently, some State Fairs are getting smaller, and not all states have one. However, I recommend trying to find one to enjoy during your stay in America. It’s a great way to see what local American life is like! You can click on this link ( ) to see where your closest State Fair is, and when it occurs.
最近はステートフェアが小規模になってきている地域もありますし、全ての州でフェアがある訳ではありません。しかし、是非アメリカにいる間に行かれることをお薦めします。地元のアメリカ人の生活を知る絶好のチャンスです。こちらのリンク( )でステートフェアの場所と日程を確認できます。