Kuri-chan English: 効果的な英語の学び方 – How to learn English Effectively

Coffee Beans of Wisdom, Kuri-chan English

There are many, many methods in learning a foreign language. You can learn in a class, with TV or videos, with learning CDs, in real life with working, volunteering, etc., and more. There are also many ways that people learn. Some people learn best through reading and writing, others learn best through speaking and listening. The best way to learn English is to not only think about your own learning style, but to use different methods to have a healthy, strong learning experience.   It’s the same as exercise – it’s best to have 2 or 3 different sports or training styles to have maximum effectiveness.


I recommend choosing at least 2, hopefully 4 different learning styles a week to maximize your learning experience and speed. You should choose ways that you think are most effective and enjoyable for you. (If you don’t enjoy it, there is less chance for the information to remain in your mind.) For a one-week example, watch 1 English movie, have one craft class with an English-speaking teacher, have one private lesson and have one group lesson. Another example is watch 2 hours of TV, have one sports class with an English teacher, volunteer for at least one hour in your child’s school, and have a bi-weekly community college English class. You would be using your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, which would ensure that you learned English more quickly than if you did just one of those a week. Think, make and act on a plan! Good luck!