Coffee Beans of Wisdom – フルー(インフルエンザ): Flu

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Screen-Shot-2013-01-07-at-3_36_39-PMThe flu season is here. Husbands can get their flu shot at work and children can get it at their pediatrician or at a local health center. (Moms kind of get forgotten, or maybe we can get a quick shot at the local drug store for $25!)
Especially for children over 2 or anyone who hates shots, you might want to know about the flu mist.


Many Japanese in America don’t know about this. The flu mist is a live virus in a mist that is sprayed into both nostrils by the nurse. You need to try and not sneeze afterwards! It makes the nose feel a little itchy afterwards, but my boys MUCH rather have it than a shot. You can ask your doctor, “Do you have the flu mist?”


Here is more information on the flu mist:

Here is a weekly update on the flu in America, including a map that shows which states have cases of the flu. Just scroll down the page.