Coffee Beans of Wisdom – アメリカのバレンタインデー : Valentine’s Day in America

Coffee Beans of Wisdom, Cool America

saint-valentines-day-candy1As you may or may not know, Valentine’s Day in America is different than in Japan. In Japan, women give something to men, and men give something back on White Day one month later. In America…

…men tend to give something to women, and there is no White Day. However, women sometimes give something to men and/or friends. The most popular gift is chocolate (not homemade chocolate like Japanese men hope for) and also flowers or jewelry for women. I am an American woman with a Japanese husband, so we are both expecting something for Valentine’s Day!

Elementary school children exchange fun-themed Valentine cards at school with all of their classmates. (You can find the kids’ Valentine cards at any supermarket or store for about $3 for 35 cards.) They often make a Valentine box or bag and have a class party where they put the Valentine’s Day cards in their classmates’ Valentine boxes. It’s fun! Many schools also talk about friendship and no bullying near Valentine’s Day.

I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day! And feel free to tell your Japanese husband to celebrate Valentine’s Day American-style as well!!