Coffee Beans of Wisdom – 大切な社会的ヒント : Important Social Tip

Coffee Beans of Wisdom

Informal-Table-Setting-ModernBefore or soon after you came to America, did you hear that it’s good to arrive at a house party 30 minutes late because the hostess will never be ready? (I actually thought this was a Japanese style and so didn’t mind it. I just recently found out that Japanese think that it’s an American style. Lol.) Although sometimes it’s okay to be “fashionably late” to a party at someone’s house, one should usually try to arrive on time.
アメリカに来る前や到着して間もない頃、アメリカ人のホームパーティーに行く時は、主催者の準備が整わないので30分遅れで到着するのが良い事だと聞きませんでしたか?(実は、私はこれが日本のスタイルだと思っていたので気にしませんでした。最近になってようやく日本人がアメリカのスタイルだと勘違いしてる事が分かったんです。Lol.)時々、誰かの家でのパーティーに“fashionably late”として遅れるのは大丈夫ですが、できるだけ時間に間に合うように到着しましょう。

This is because…

…in America, if we prepare food at our house for guests, we try to have that food hot and ready when the guests are supposed to arrive. If guests arrive late, then the food gets cold and the hostess is trying to find a way to keep the food hot and fresh. (In Japan, it’s okay to serve hot food cold, but in America it’s not ok, unless it’s made to be served cold, like for a picnic.)

If you arrive later than the party or event starts, you should apologize for being late. “I’m sorry to be late!” If you know that you will be late in advance, just tell the hostess. “I will be a little late,” or “I will arrive about 30 minutes late.”

Pass this information on to your Japanese friends! Thanks!!