Coffee Beans of Wisdom – 家の安全対策 : Home Safety

Coffee Beans of Wisdom

home-safetyIn any home you live in, it’s important to think about home safety. In a foreign country, you might not know the options for this. Here are some things you can buy and a few ideas to ensure a safe house.
どんな家に住んでいても、その家での安全対策を考えることは大切です。ご存知ないかもしれませんが、外国では安全対策の手段がいろいろあります。確実に安全なお住まいにするために、購入できる物やアイデアをご紹介します。Fire extinguisher: You can buy a family—size fire extinguisher at Home Depot or Lowes. I recommend one for each level of your house, or at least the kitchen area. Make sure you review how to use it with your family.
消火器:ご家庭用サイズの消火器がHome Depot やLowesで購入できます。それぞれの階に一個ずつ設置することをお勧めしますが、せめてキッチンには1個置くようにしましょう。使い方は家族のみんなで確認しましょう。

Fire ladder: This is good for a multi-level house. It’s a collapsible ladder (also available at the above stores) that hooks over your window sash in case you need to escape out the window during a fire. I would put it in the kids’ bedroom.

Water and canned food: It’s always a good idea to have a stash on hand somewhere in the house, just in case there is a blackout or unexpected natural disaster. Don’t forget the can-opener!

First-aid kit, money and batteries: This is always a good combo to have on hand. The batteries need to be kept fresh for the flashlights.

Plan of action: Always have a family plan for when there is a natural disaster, fire or other emergency, including phone numbers to call or neighbors to go to. Make sure your children have work and cell numbers memorized.

I hope you don’t have to use any of the above, but just in case, be safe!