Coffee Beans of Wisdom – たんぽぽ : Dandelions

Coffee Beans of Wisdom

dandelion“April showers bring May flowers.”  Spring is here!  And so are the dandelions!  If you are in a subdivision, you need to take care of them. If your home owner doesn’t do anything, you have these options to do it by yourself.

weederOne is the dandelion weeder (picture to the left), which is a natural style but is hard on your back and takes a lot of time.  Sometimes I think I am doing well, and then look around and see so many more dandelions!  But it’s nice to work outside in the garden.

The other style is the spray style, which uses chemicals and needs to have the directions followed carefully to be effective.  Also, you have to do it a few times a year for it to work well, and you have to water your lawn for it to be healthy.  However, it’s easier on your body and takes less time.  Just be careful that you don’t make the same mistake as my student’s husband and spray the whole lawn with a weed killer that also kills the grass!

What I do is order professional lawn service for one year every three years.  It’s cheap and easy and my neighbors don’t get too angry!