Coffee Beans of Wisdom – 夏の動物について:Animal Tips for Summer

Coffee Beans of Wisdom

dogIn America, you can see all sorts of animals, both tame and wild. Many people take their dogs on walks or to the park, and you may have seen at least squirrels running around your neighborhood. Here are some tips and info on animal care and safety in the summer.

  1. Boundaries: Don’t worry about the dogs without leads that seem to run at you but suddenly stop at the edge of the yard. They are most likely wearing a radio collar that is either connected to a wire in the ground or a plugged-in device in the house. The collar emits a shock if they pass a certain line, so they learn quickly what the boundaries are.
  2. Petting: Don’t pet a dog unless you ask the owner first. “Can we pet your dog?” Some dogs may not be as friendly as they look.
    撫でる:飼い主さんに断りなく、ペットを撫でないでください。“Can we pet your dog?”と尋ねましょう。見た目とは違ってフレンドリーでない犬もいます。
  3. Hot Cars: Don’t leave your dog in a hot car, as a stranger may feel that the dog is in distress, and break your window to give it air and/or call the police on you. Seriously, some people do this. It’s better to leave your precious dogs at home than risk a police issue on a hot day.
    高温の車:高温の車に犬を置いていかないでください。誰かが犬が 苦しんでいると勘違いをして、窓ガラスを割ってしまったり警察を呼んでしまうかもれません。本当です、そうしてしまう人たちがいるんです。暑い日は、警察のリスクにさらされるよりも、自宅に可愛いワンちゃん達を残しておいた方がいいでしょう。
  4. Shots: Make sure your dog’s shots and registration is up-to-date if you take it to a public area, doggy day care or dog park. You often need to show this paperwork to be allowed entrance. Some cities charge owners who don’t register their dogs.
  5. If you do have your dog tied up outside, make sure that they have enough water and a cool place to lie down. Someone may call Animal Services on you if they think you’re not doing it.
  6. Wild Animals: Don’t try to hand-feed wild animals, and actually, many parks prefer that you don’t feed animals at all. Squirrels are known to bite, and geese are known to attack, to name a few. You don’t want to have to go get a rabies shot!!!

Otherwise, enjoy the wildlife of America and all the cute dogs you’ll see out on walks! Maybe you’ll see me walking my big dog, Clue!