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Roadside Americana

Here is a great souvenir book that has full-page pictures of interesting tourist places in America. It is called Roadside Americana and is written by Eric Peterson.   This book is actually a coffee table book, so there is less writing and more pictures.

There are many interesting, crazy and unique roadside attractions in America listed in this book that you can enjoy finding on a road trip, or just enjoy by looking at the pictures.   For example, there’s a 40-foot turtle made of tire rims, a palace made of corn, an inn made of train cabooses, the huge Longaberger basket, and many other larger-than-life statues and sculptures.

The best place to buy this book is on Amazon. You can still buy it for new from about $10, although it might go up to $30 or more. I highly recommend this book as a souvenir or fun memory of America. It’s a little big to take back to Japan (hard-back only) but the pictures are so entertaining to see that it’s worth the weight.