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Pigs-in-a-Blanket ウィンナーロール

Here’s an easy and fun recipe that I often use for potlucks when there will be children.  It’s very easy and they disappear quickly at the potluck!
こちらが簡単で楽しいレシピです。子供たちがいるポットラックによく持っていきます。本当に簡単で、あっと言う間になくなってしまいます!pigs in a blanket

You will need:必要なもの

1. Pack of small wieners, usually in the hot dog section of the store.
小さいサイズのウィンナー1パック お店のホットドックコーナーに置いてあります。
2. Refrigerated croissant dough, located in the pre-made cookie dough section of the store.  (Recently, I used the store brand instead of the national brand, and my Japanese friends said that it wasn’t as salty as the national brands.)

冷蔵のクロワッサン生地 お店のクッキー生地コーナーに置いてあります。

Pop open the croissant package, lay flat the dough, and separate into the triangles.  
Take scissors and cut each triangle into 2-3 smaller triangles.
Wrap each piece around one weiner and put on cookie sheet.
Bake according to the directions on the package, usually 425 degrees for 15 minutes.
Makes about 20-25 weiner rolls.  Tastes best warm!