Kuri Cafe Kitchen – アップルサイダー パウダー : Apple Cider Powder

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Apple CiderApple-picking, donuts and cider season is about over. (Sad for the taste, good for the waist….) However, you can still enjoy apple cider at home. I’m sure that there are recipes for making it from scratch, but it’s also convenient to have a powder mix to enjoy it when you don’t feel like bustling about the kitchen. I’ll tell you my favorite one.


It’s made by Alpine and is called Spiced Apple Cider. (Generic brands also usually taste fine.) You can buy regular or sugar-free. It’s not too strong but you can just add a little more water if necessary. There are individual packets inside that are convenient to use. I prefer to drink it hot during the colder months, especially when friends are over or I have a day to relax a little.

Alpineの商品で、スパイス アップルサイダーと言います。(一般的なブランドの物はたいてい美味しいです)レギュラーかシュガーフリーを選べます。そんなに濃い味ではないのですが、お好みでお水を足してもいいですね。小分けのパッケージに入っているので、使うときに便利です。私は寒い月にホットで飲むのが好きです。特に、お友達が遊びに来てくれた時や、リラックスしたい時はいいですね。