Kuri-chan English – ジュースそれともソーダ?:Juice or Soda?

Kuri-chan English


It’s summertime! Time for nice, cold drinks on hot days! Are you drinking pop, soda, coke, soft drinks, juice, cider? Do you know the difference between them? In Japanese, the first six words are the same, but in English, there are two differences. Also, do you know the difference between soft drinks and hard drinks? Let me tell you!

At a Japanese sporting event in Michigan, organizers asked volunteers to bring juice donations to go with the pizza. I obliged by purchasing fruit juice pouches, but when I went to put them in the cooler, I was very surprised to see it full of soda pop! “What?”

In Japanese, I found out, ‘juice’ refers to any non-tea drink including soft drinks, juice and cider. In English, ‘juice’ is HUGELY different from ‘soda’ or ‘pop’ or ‘soft drinks’ because the former is made from actual fruit (hopefully) and the later is usually made by sugar, water and flavoring, with some fizz. It’s completely different.

And what’s the difference between ‘pop, soda, coke and soft drinks’? Nothing really, just it depends on where in America you are from. Here is a website map that helps you understand this. http://popvssoda.com/