Kuri-chan English – 夏はどうでしたか? : How was your summer?

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Summer beach writing

In Japanese, ‘Dou deshita ka?’ is often translated to English as ‘How about?’ However, ‘how about’ is used as a follow-up question after a topic has already been started. ‘How is your son doing? How about your daughter?’ Instead, you should start your first inquiry with ‘How is/was ____?’ Concerning summer, your question will change between the beginning and the end.
日本語の『どうでしたか?』はよく‘How about?’と翻訳されますが、‘How about’は話題がすでに始まっている状態での質問に使われます。‘How about your daughter?’と聞く代わりに‘How is your son doing? ’ となり、話し始めの質問は‘How is/was ____?’ となります。夏についての質問は、最初と最後の間で変化します。

At the beginning of summer, you can ask, “What are you doing for the summer?” or “What are your plans for the summer?”

In the middle of summer, you can ask, “How is your summer going?” (It’s going good) or “How has your summer been going?” (It’s been good)

At the end of summer, you can ask, “How was your summer?” (It was good) or “Did you have a good summer?” (Yes, I did)

Hint: If someone asks you, ‘How was your ___?” try not to answer with what you did (a common mistake). You should say, “It was good,” first, and THEN say what you did.
ヒント:もし誰かに‘How was your ___?’と質問されたら、すぐにはあなたが過ごした日々の事、体験した事を返事をしないでください。(よくあるミスです)“It was good,”と最初に返事をしてから何をしたのか話しましょう。

Remember, you can use this pattern for a variety of things, like school year, time in America, ESL class, hobby class, winter break, trip, etc. Try it out and good luck!
このパターンは学年度やアメリカでの時間、ESL クラス、趣味のクラス、冬休み、旅行などいろんな場面に使えるので覚えておいてください。是非使ってみてください。Good luck!