Mom’s Apron Strings: 学校の書類 – School Papers

Mom's Apron Strings

There are many, many papers that are sent home the first week of school. Some are easy to understand, some are not. Some confusing ones are about concussions, free-or-reduced lunches, photograph release permission, and background check for volunteers. Here are simple explanations for each one.

学校が始まった最初の週には沢山の書類が自宅に送られてきますね。簡単に理解できるものや、そうでないものがあります。脳しんとうについての書類、無料/減額のランチ、写真使用の許可、ボランティアのための身元調査など分かりづらいものがいつくかあります。 それぞれの簡単な説明がこちらです。

The concussions paper is just an FYI that tells you that concussions are more common than we think, and how to recognize a concussion. It’s a hot topic in America these days through football.


The free-or-reduced lunch application is for families who have low income, and they can use the paper to register for lower-cost lunches. Most Japanese families on contract in America do not qualify for it, so you don’t need it.


The photograph or child’s name or address information release permission paper tells you that your child’s picture, name and/or address might be used in the school (website, yearbook, directory, etc.). If it’s okay with you, you do nothing. If you don’t want it, you need to check the box you want, sign it, and return it.


The volunteer background check is for everyone who wants to volunteer at school or join a field trip. Some papers might just need your name and address. Some might need you to write down any criminal background. Some might require your social security number. It’s a normal process, so you can do it if you want to volunteer.
HINT: You do not need to write down traffic violations or accidents.