Mom’s Apron Strings – ハロウィンのヒント : Halloween Tips

Mom's Apron Strings


It’s October! It’s Halloween! Even in Japan, Halloween activities are starting to become more and more popular. Here in America, there are a few things to know about trick-or-treating, including costumes, trick-or-treating safety, different activities and leftover candy.

You can buy or make your costumes. If you wait too long to buy one, there may not be any good sizes left, so shop earlier than later. Actually, I recommend buying them in the summer at garage sales, or looking in thrift stores to make up your own style at a low cost. Consignment stores for children also have good prices on good costumes. Remember, most schools don’t allow parts of costumes that show violence, like swords and blood.

When you ask a neighbor or school friend about their costume, you can say, “What will you be for Halloween?” The answer can be, “I will be a witch, “ or “I might be a cowboy.” Other comments are, “My daughter wants to be the Frozen princess, but the costume is sold out.” (You can say, “She will wear a princess costume,” but it’s shorter to say, “She will be a princess.”)
ご近所さんや学校の友達に衣装の事を聞く場合 “ハロウィンでは何になるの?” と聞きます。“魔女になるの“や“カウボーイかな”と返事が返ってくるでしょう。その他のコメントとしては“娘がアナと雪の女王のプリンセスになりたがってるけど、衣装が売り切れでした”( “娘はプリンセスの衣装を着るでしょう。” もっと短く言うと “娘はプリンセスになるわ”と言ってもいいですね。)

If you go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, be sure to join your child either by walking or driving slowly in the car (especially on rainy days).   The children should only knock on doors where the porch light is on. (Lights off means that they are not participating in Halloween.)   The start time is about 6 pm and the finish time is about 9 pm (depending on the age).

Some families like to drive to neighborhoods that are well-known for good treats or decorations. Other places that often offer trick-or-treating activities are churches, malls, libraries, etc. You might see “Trunk-or-Treat” where the participants decorate the backs of their cars (trunk area) and the children can easily and safely go from car to car in the parking lot to get treats.

If you stay at home and don’t want the doorbell to be ringing, you should turn off your porch light. If you have candy, you can answer the door and say, “Happy Halloween! Wow, you’re scary! Oh, so beautiful! What are you? Are you a princess? Here you are! Bye! …. “
もし自宅に居て、玄関のチャイムを鳴らして欲しくない場合は、玄関のライトを消しましょう。キャンディがある場合、チャイムが鳴ったら“ハッピーハロウィン! うわ〜とっても怖いわ! うわ〜何てキレイなの! あなたは何? プリンセス? はい、これをどうぞ! さようなら! …. ”などと言いましょう。

After trick-or-treating, if you have too much candy, you have a few options. You can ask your kids to take out the candy they don’t like and give it out to other trick-or-treaters who come by that night. You can also often donate it to a local organization which will donate to a group in need. For a few years, my dentist bought candy from patients and then donated it to troops overseas.