Mom’s Apron Strings: 長期欠席や帰国時 – School Communication for Long Absense or Leaving

Mom's Apron Strings

School OfficeWe are getting close to the holiday season, when some families will visit Japan for New Year’s. I have many friends also planning to move back to Japan in the winter season. Here is what you should say to your child’s American school, both for a long absence and for finishing. (These are both excerpts from my Book 3, Hajimete no America: Daily Life with Children, coming out in January.)


Long Absence 

  • Hi. Miyu will be absent for 4 weeks from March 31 to April 28. We will be going to Japan.
  •     What does she need to do?
  •     Can she get homework from the teacher(s)?



  • ハイ。 3月31日から4月28日まで4週間、ミユは欠席します。日本に一時帰国します。
  •     何か娘がしなくてはならないことはありますか?
  •     先生から宿題をもらうことはできるでしょうか?

Moving Back to Japan

  • We will move back to Japan on April 3. I would like to request proof of enrollment and a transcript for my son.
  •     How long will it take?



  • 4月3日に日本へ帰国します。息子の在学証明書と成績証明書を申請したいのですが。
  •      どのくらい日数がかかりますか。