Mom’s Apron Strings – 入学手続き : New School Registration

Mom's Apron Strings

GoingToSchoolIs your child in preschool now and going to be 5 years old by September 1st?   Is your child moving up to middle school or high school next year? Will you move this summer? Now is the time to start thinking about school in the fall! Here is what you do to get ready.

First of all, check to see what public school your child will go to. Ask a neighbor or preschool friend or your house owner. Check the school website to see when they will have an orientation or registration time for parents and/or children. Most schools will have them in February or March. It’s a lot of talking, but you can get an orientation packet with ALL the information you need!

Then, check to see what immunizations and documents you will need to register. You can find this information in the packet or you can go to the school and ask. If you are registering for the first time or transferring, usually you need proof of residency in the school district.

In May or June there will probably be an open house or similar for the new students to see the school. If you move in the summer to a new district, you can visit and walk around inside the school at the end of summer vacation when you register.   If you are going to a middle school or high school, class registration will take place around this time, usually online. More information gets sent home by mail or e-mail in the summer to help you get ready for the first day of school, including bus info.

Good luck getting your child (and yourself!!) ready for a new school!