Kuri-chan English: Awesome! アッサム!

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Here is a popular English word that you will most likely not learn in Japan: Awesome. (ah-sum) It basically means, ‘great, cool, wonderful’ and we use it for cheering on sports, talking about a wonderful experience, commenting on a friend’s experience, etc.
日本では習わないよく使う英単語として:Awesome (アッサム)があります。基本的に“すごい、かっこいい、素晴らしい”と言う意味で使いスポーツ観戦や友人の素晴らしい経験に対してのコメントなどに使います。

Some phrases include, “That’s awesome!” “What an awesome day!” (wa-dan ah-sum day) “How awesome is that?!” (hau-ah-sum i-zat) “Wow, you’re awesome!” (Wow, yu-rah-sum) It’s mostly used in a casual situation, not formal. I often use it with kids or friends or with other parents during sports games and school events.

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