Kuri-chan English : 新しい先生と生徒達に会う – Meeting New Teachers and Other Students

Kuri-chan English, Mom's Apron Strings

handshakeLast year I wrote a blog on what to say when you meet your child’s new teacher, which you can read here. However, what is good to say when you are meeting your own teacher or classmates, maybe for an ESL or baking or art class. Here are some convenient phrases to use for introductions and initial small talk.

With the teacher:先生との会話

Hi, how are you? I’m Akiko. (We e-mailed. / We talked on the phone.) It’s nice to meet you (finally)!

I’m really glad to be in your class. I’m looking forward to learning more about (English / American baking / toll paint).

So how long have you been teaching (about baking / painting)? Do you have other classes?
どれくらい(ベーキング/ペインティング)を教えていますか? 他にクラスをお持ちですか?

With other students:他の生徒さん達との会話

Hi, I’m Akiko. What’s your name? (Nice to meet you. / It’s great to meet you!)

(If you heard their name one time, but forgot, you should say, What’s your name again?)

Is this your first time here? How long have you been coming?
こちらは初めてですか? 参加されてどれくらいですか?

What do you think of the class? Did you learn a lot last time?
クラスはどうですか? 前回は沢山のことを学びましたか?

Do you live near here? How long have you lived in Michigan?
お近くにお住まいですか? ミシガンにはどれくらい住んでいますか?

Hint: The key to continuing a conversation in America is to talk about yourself. That’s what we do. Although you can practice asking questions, it’s also good to be able to talk about yourself, even if the other person doesn’t ask you questions. It will keep the conversation going.