Kuri-chan English – Why or Why Not?

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“Nande?” is pretty easy to say in English: “Why?”
However, sometimes it will be better to say, “Why not?”
しかし、時によっては“Why not?”と言った方がいい場合があります。

If the sentence is positive, you can use “why.”  A few examples:

  • I like to watch horror movies.                         Why?
  • ホラー映画を見るのが好きなの。   なぜ?
  • I spend all of my money on watches.          Why?
  • 時計に全財産を費やしてるの。    なぜ?

However, if the sentence is negative, you should say “why not.”  A few examples:
しかし、否定文の時には“why not.”を使います。例文として: … Read more

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