Kuri-chan English – Why or Why Not?

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“Nande?” is pretty easy to say in English: “Why?”
However, sometimes it will be better to say, “Why not?”
しかし、時によっては“Why not?”と言った方がいい場合があります。

If the sentence is positive, you can use “why.”  A few examples:

  • I like to watch horror movies.                         Why?
  • ホラー映画を見るのが好きなの。   なぜ?
  • I spend all of my money on watches.          Why?
  • 時計に全財産を費やしてるの。    なぜ?

However, if the sentence is negative, you should say “why not.”  A few examples:
しかし、否定文の時には“why not.”を使います。例文として: … Read more

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Kuri-chan English: 効果的な英語の学び方 – How to learn English Effectively

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There are many, many methods in learning a foreign language. You can learn in a class, with TV or videos, with learning CDs, in real life with working, volunteering, etc., and more. There are also many ways that people learn. Some people learn best through reading and writing, others learn best through speaking and listening. The best way to learn English is to not only think about your own learning style, but to use different methods to have a healthy, strong learning experience.   It’s the same as exercise – it’s best to have 2 or 3 different sports or training styles to have maximum effectiveness.


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Coffee Beans of Wisdom – しゃべる 勇気 Speaking Confidence

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When I first moved to Japan, I knew very little Japanese. At first, I was very shy about speaking Japanese, and didn’t try to use it. I was embarrassed every time. After about one month, however, I realized that I had to try more if I wanted to learn. I told myself, “Who cares if people laugh at you or can’t understand you? Just try and do it!” After that,


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