Mom’s Apron Strings – 入学手続き : New School Registration

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GoingToSchoolIs your child in preschool now and going to be 5 years old by September 1st?   Is your child moving up to middle school or high school next year? Will you move this summer? Now is the time to start thinking about school in the fall! Here is what you do to get ready.

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Coffee Beans of Wisdom – アメリカのバレンタインデー : Valentine’s Day in America

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saint-valentines-day-candy1As you may or may not know, Valentine’s Day in America is different than in Japan. In Japan, women give something to men, and men give something back on White Day one month later. In America…

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Kuri-chan English – 雪に関する単語のレッスン : Snow Vocab Lesson

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2005-04-24 21.13.51Snow Vocab Lesson:  In the snow, children make a fort and throw snowballs.  They make a snowman, build an igloo, make snow angels and break icicles.  Adults shovel the snow with a shovel or clear the driveway with a snow blower.  Snowplows and salt trucks clear the streets.


Mom’s Apron Strings – 大雪の日 : Snow Day!!

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2007-04-08 00.04.08SNOW DAY!  Many schools have a calling system to contact families early in the morning if there is a snow day.  However, if you need to check, you can turn on your local TV station and see the scrolling on the bottom of the screen, or go to your local news website and find a SCHOOL CLOSING link.


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Kuri Cafe Kitchen – ベーキングパウダービスケット : Baking Powder Biscuits

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SONY DSCGrowing up, baking powder biscuits were an integral part of my family’s dinners. It was a great side to any meal that we could whip up in just 15 minutes before it was time to eat. They are definitely one of America’s comfort foods. If you are trying to make an American meal and want a little extra, or are thinking of a new idea for breakfast, try this baking powder biscuit recipe! You just need…
モコモコと膨らむベーキングパウダービスケットは我が家の夕食に欠かせません。食べる15分前に混ぜ合わせて出来上がる、どんな食事にも合う1品です。これは、間違いなくアメリカのおふくろの味の料理の1つです。もしアメリカ料理に挑戦して、少し特別にしたい時や、いつもと違う朝食としてベーキングパウダービスケットのレシピに挑戦してみてください! 必要なものは・・・

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Cool America – 中世の時代 : Medieval Times

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Medieval-Times-Dinner-TournamentRecently it was recommended to me that my family and I visit the Medieval Times castle on our recent visit to Chicago. Basically, it’s a dinner and show with an old-Europe theme. We were surprised by how much we enjoyed it all. The show…

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Kuri-chan English – 新年の抱負 : New Year’s Resolutions

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NewYearsResolutions“What’s your new year’s resolution?”   Many people ask each other that question in the beginning of January. It means, what is your goal for the new year? Some people don’t like to think about making any, but I think it helps start off the new year well.
“What’s your new year’s resolution?”1月の始めにお互いに尋ねる合う質問です。これは“新年の抱負は何ですか?”という意味です。人によっては考えたくない方もいますが、抱負を持つことによって、新年を新しい気持ちで迎えることができると私は思います。

You can reply,…

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Coffee Beans of Wisdom – アメリカのホリデーギフト : Holiday Gifts in America

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Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and SilverIt’s the season for giving holiday gifts to teachers, friends and neighbors! Recently, gift cards are popular and easy, but sometimes it’s nicer to give something that shows you put some thought into it. Here are some ideas for gifts, and hints about traditional holiday giving.
先生や友人、ご近所の人達にクリスマスプレゼントを贈る季節になりましたね。最近はギフトカードが手軽で人気ですが、時には心のこもったプレセントもいいですね。プレゼントのアイデアと伝統的なクリスマスプレゼントのヒントはこちらです。  … Read more

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Coffee Beans of Wisdom – 寒い天候時の車 : Cars in Cold Weather

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winter carWhen it starts getting cold, there are some things about your car that you should keep an eye on. You might know what to do in Japan, but here are some hints for living in America.

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